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PRODUCTS - Hardware


Available in Galvanized, stainless and Nylite for all diameters.


A Thousand uses, simple and reliable. Hook each end of the ratchet and pull tight. Ratchets come complete with Solid Braid Polyester rope in customer requested length.

Available in 1/4" (150lb), 3/8” (250lb), 1/2" (500lb)


CND Rope carries a full line of wood, steel, aluminum and nylon blocks for all industries. Our blocks come with static or swivel eyes, hooks or shackles.

Available sizes range from 2” up to and including 12” and from 2 ton up to 20 ton WLL.

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Eye hooks, swivel hooks, clevis hooks, snap hooks, ladder hooks, scaffold hooks, sling hooks, S hooks, plastic covered metal hooks, and many more.

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CND Rope stocks anchor shackles ranging from 3/16” up to and including 2”.

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Various attachments and links are available. O Rings, master links, oblongs, hammer locks, turnbuckles, quick links, chain links, coupling links, master link sub-assemblies, twin clevis links and much more.

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