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PRODUCTS - Forestry / Arborist

CND Rope carries an excellent variety of arborist cordage dedicated to the most demanding applications.


A unique construction. Tough Polyester jacket fibers wrapped around Polyolefin center fibers creating a light weight, high strength rope with maximum resistance to wear.

Features: Excellent wear and snag resistance
  Works well wet
  Excellent knot holding ability

1/2"    Average tensile strength (lbs) 6000    Safe Work Load (lbs) 10:1    600lbs


Manufactured as a 24 strand braided Polyester cover with a 16 strand core. This product is excellent for use as a climbing line. Available in 2 high visibility colors.

Features: Maintains roundness during use
  Non Rotational
  Low stretch/High strength
  Abrasion resistant

7/16”    Average tensile (lbs) 6000    Safe Work Load (lbs) 10:1    600lbs


A 3 strand twisted construction of spun and filament polyester jacket fibers covering polyolefin core fibers.

Applications: Rigging line Features: Low stretch
  Stage counter weight   Retains shape during use
  Hand Line   Balanced construction

3/8”  Average tensile (lbs) 3200 Elongation at % of break strength
1/2" Average tensile (lbs) 5700 10%    2.0%
5/8” Average tensile (lbs) 7700 20%    3.2%
3/4"  Average tensile (lbs) 10000 30%    3.9%
1”  Average tensile (lbs) 17500  


CND Rope’s log wrappers are installed and function the same way as traditional wire rope wrappers yet are easier to throw being 1/3rd lighter. Our wrappers are stronger then cable and are designed to meet and exceed the 3600 lb standard load requirements. Available in both 3/8” and 7/16” diameters.

Features: Enhanced coating for improved abrasion resistance
  Light weight and high strength
  Will not barb or rust
  Does not retain drum or coil shape
  Quick In field repairable
  Comes with metal swaged on identification tags

3/8”  WLL (lbs) 3600
7/16”  WLL (lbs) 4500

*All terminations are available, contact CND Rope for more information.